Claudia Robles Angel: Verborgene Natur (Concealed Nature)

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Photography, 2019

Macro Photo. Print on Dibond, waterproof, 3 mm

96 x 46 cm

Limited edition: 5 copies + 2 AP



Delivery time: Two weeks

Digital Artist Claudia Robles Angel presents her artwork Concealed Nature exclusively at UNPAINTED. Concealed Nature mimics natural structures.

It is a macro photography of various unnoticed structures of nature. The whole concept is inspired by the following text by Deleuze: “Where there is a close look, the space is not visual or the eye itself carries a non-optical function: no line separates the earth from the sky, because both consist of the same substance; there is no horizon, no background, no perspective, no borders, no form and no centre; there is no intermediate distance or the distance is self-mediating”.

Concealed Nature – Inspired by the concept of how to make visible and audible imperceptible spaces or surfaces and subtle sounds (none of which are obvious to perception in our daily life), the artist presents hereby a series of macro-photographies of diverse events in open nature, not always visible to the regular viewer.

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