New! Birthe Blauth: Green Glow

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Green Glow

Fine art direct print on Alu Dibond
100 x 100 cm
Edition: 3 + 2 AP

The suspension is included.
Each work is certified and signed on the back.

Delivery time: Two weeks

Exclusively available online at UNPAINTED are the works Blue Glow, Green Glow and Pink Glow as well as Blue Mystery and Enigmatic Appearance from the Celestial Bodies series.
Here “the finesse of form-finding in digital processes is taken even further. A network of lines is given an apparent three-dimensionality through virtually placed light sources and clouds of color. Shifts in foreground and background, density and depth are depicted in numerous variations of these tangles of lines. The eye accustomed to images recognizes the relationship to the fascinating images of dying or forming galaxies. Birthe Blauth’s celestial bodies are the product of her imagination, which gain their captivating, seemingly scientific stringency through the perfection of their execution.” (Martin Matl)