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Sale of parts of the installation: A Piece From Paradise
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Artificial turf, 100 x 100 cm, edition 400 Ex.
Signed and numbered on the reverse; includes a signed certificate.

You will receive your piece of lawn after termination of the project at the end of 2022.
Please do not pay by cash on delivery.

Delivery time: Q4 2022

During the documenta summer of 2022, visitors will be able to embark on a spiritual journey through the installation “Poem of pearls” by artist Birthe Blauth in the Saint Elizabeth Church at Friedrichsplatz in Kassel, Germany. The path will lead through a labyrinth on the forecourt into a paradise garden, in which there is a large fire bowl filled with real pearls, from which every visitor can take a pearl. On the lawn, which extends over the entire interior and the side courtyards, visitors can lie down, relax, recharge their batteries and come to themselves.

The artificial paradise

Paradise exists only in our imagination. The paradise lawn is more beautiful than any real lawn. Therefore, artist Birthe Blauth opted for artificial turf and chose a very high-quality, deceptively real-looking variety with long, soft stalks. Therefore, Birthe Blauth opted for artificial turf in the installation and chose a very high-quality, deceptively real-looking variety with long, soft stalks. The lawn was manufactured in Europe in compliance with REACH without harmful substances.

A Piece From Paradise

Support the project by purchasing a Piece From Paradise lawn in the size 100 x 100 cm in advance. In October 2022 you will receive this original part of the art installation Poem of Pearls as a souvenir and as a thank you. For example, you can hang your Piece From Paradise on two nails with the back mounting holes.

The process

After the purchase, you will first receive your proof of purchase and a gift card with which you can also pass Piece From Paradise on to another person. After the dismantling of the installation in October 2022, the pieces of lawn will be cut. Thereafter, your Piece From Paradise, signed and numbered by the artist, will be sent to you including a certificate of authenticity.

UNPAINTED – art in the digital age – the platform for digital art – supports the project Poem of Pearls on a non-profit-basis. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Pieces From Paradise will go into covering the project costs of the installation Poem of Pearls.

You can find out more about Poem of Pearls on www.kunstraumkirche.de (in German).

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Additional information

Weight5000 kg
Dimensions105 × 105 × 6 cm

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