Birthe Blauth: Pillars Of The Cosmos

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Pillars Of The Cosmos by Birthe Blauth


The work has a maximum height of 300cm, a width of 60cm and is adjusted to the ceiling height as desired.

Each “Pillar Of The Cosmos” is a unique piece. You will receive similar different designs proposals  and you can choose your Pillar from them.

Technique: fine art direct print on aluminum dibond. The hanging is included.

Each work is certified and signed on the back.

Exclusively available online at UNPAINTED.

Delivery time: Two weeks

About “Pillars of the Cosmos”

In “Pillars Of The Cosmos“, the design and ordering principle of mirroring is used to create meaning. Noise alone – image noise, white noise, any noise – has no meaning for us because we can’t see any order in it that makes sense to us. Mirroring changes that immediately. Mirror symmetry is one of the main concepts in nature and culture.

Printing process

You can agree an individual pattern with the artist. In direct printing, the print is made directly on aluminum Dibond. In contrast, with the most commonly used foil printing, the motif is first printed on a foil, which is then mounted on Alu Dibond. In foil printing, the motif is slightly glossy and completely flat. The colors in direct printing, on the other hand, are matte and downright tactile. Pure white areas are slightly shiny, because the Alu Dibond is visible here. The darker the color, the higher the color stands out. Dark lines on a light background I can feel as slightly raised lines. Technically, direct printing is much more demanding than foil printing. But the result is visually much more impressive.

Fine Art Print refers to a particularly high print quality. Here, the finest details are reproduced razor-sharp and the finest color nuances are detailed and precise.

Exclusively available at UNPAINTED.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 300 cm

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