Barbara Herold: Aphrodite 360 020 (Screen Wallpapers)

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APHRODITE 360 020 screen wallpaper

Production year: 2018

Series consisting of 6 images (stills from the video Aphrodite)

Wallpaper for Desktop PC monitor, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The images are available one by one or as a compilation. For the compilation, download and unpack the ZIP file.

Total edition: 50 + 2 AP

For download. Choose your preferred variant and size:


  • 4K / 16:9 (3840 px x 2160 px) – for pc monitor
  • 16:10 monitor (3456 px x 2160 px) – for notebook
  • 5:8 Smartphone (2960 px x 1440 px) – for smartphone
  • 12:9 (2732 px x 2048 px) – for tablet

Image variants 1-6

Barbara Herold Aphrodite Digital Still Variant 1
Barbara Herold Aphrodite Digital Still Variant 2
Barbara Herold Aphrodite Digital Still Variant 3
Barbara Herold Aphrodite Digital Still Variant 4
Barbara Herold Aphrodite Digital Still Variant 5
Barbara Herold Aphrodite Digital Still Variant 6

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The collection of APHRODITE 360 020 Screen Wallpapers comprises six computer-generated animation stills from APHRODITE, a walk-in Augmented Reality installation. In an unfolded 360 ° view, coloured, semi-transparent elements of flowers, leaves, buds and stems dance around a camera center, they overlay and condense into abstract forms. In the video work of the same name, the metamorphosis of a virtual orchid can be experienced sensually and aesthetically in recurring variations.

The stills can be used as screen backgrounds for computer, tablet or mobile phone.

They are available individually or as a compilation.

Video available at Vimeo

More info at barbaraherold.net

Exclusively available at UNPAINTED.

Additional information

Image Variant

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Compilation


12:09 Tablet, 16:10 Monitor, 4k / 16:09, 5:8 Smartphone

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