Barbara Herold: Aphrodite 360 020 (Video)

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Barbara Harold: Aphrodite 360 020 Video

Medium: single channel HD video,14:14 min. loop, 2018

Edition: 5 + 2 AE

Available for download.

Sound composition by Kim Ramona Ranalter.
Recommendation: install as multi-screen video projection (required technology for double projection: 2 identical projectors, 2-port HDMI splitters, 2 active speakers, media player, HDMI cable).

This work is augmented. Download the free app BELLE APHRODITE to visualize additional imagery.

App Download-Links for Smartphone and Tablet

Android | IOS

The video work APHRODITE 360 020 by Barbara Herold shows the metamorphosis of a virtual orchid, the circulating, sensual-aesthetic variations grow and disintegrate. In an unfolded 360˚ view, coloured, semi-transparent elements of flowers, leaves, buds and stems dance around their centre, superimpose and condense into abstract shapes. In a multi-projection, APHRODITE appears as an ornamental arabesque.

The sound artist Kim_Twiddle gave APHRODITE a voice. With self-produced sample material, vocal recordings from the loop device, and sound and noise surfaces smoothed through chains of effects, she created a fluid, organic, ethereal, and abstract sound world that accompanies the decay and growth of the virtual plants.

APHRODITE 360 020 is an offshoot of the augmented reality installation APHRODITE, which was developed in 2018 for the atrium of Villa Merkel in Esslingen, Germany. This video is also augmented. The BELLE-APHRODITE app is available for free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Watch the trailers of the Barbara Herold’s APHRODITE video here (one/two screens):

APHRODITE 360 020 (excerpt) from Barbara Herold on Vimeo.

3D animation 2018, 4K video, 15 min loop
metamorphosis unfolded, 360° of APHRODITE AR (Augmented Reality), 2018

concept/animation: Barbara Herold
sound composition: Kim_Twiddle
mastering/sound concept for 3D audio separation: Simon Kummer
code/capturing: Frank Groh

APHRODITE 360 020 (x2) from Barbara Herold on Vimeo.

2018, 6 min excerpt of HD video (double screen), 14.40 min loop
sound composition: Kim_Twiddle, mastering/sound concept: Simon Kummer

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