Arent Weevers: Josephine’s Well

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Copyright/Artist: © Arent Weevers, The Netherlands
Year of production: 2011
Time: 3’37”, loop
Medium: 3D stereoscopic video installation with sound
Preview: www.arentweevers.com/portfolio/josephines-well/
Technique/Material: 3D monitor 65 inch, brightsign player, 3D Glasses
Digital file
Exclusive: No
Unique / Edition 2/5  + 2 AP. One edition offered at UNPAINTED artstore.
Size of Monitor: 143,9 x 89,9 cm
Weight: 44,2 kg
Price Incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs
Recommended 3D monitor and 3D Glasses (€ 2.500,-) are not included.
Delivery time Digital: 14 days

Exhibited at (selection):

  • Stations of the Cross, Amsterdam|The Netherlands – March/April 2019
  • LOOP, Barcelona|Spain – May/June 2016
  • 3D-Film & Music Festival, Barcelona|Spain – December 2015 (Award!)
  • 3D-Festival BEYOND|ZKM, Karlsruhe|Germany – October 2015
  • Laura Haber Gallery, Buenos Aires|Argentina – April 2015

Delivery time: Two weeks

A blonde-haired girl slowly floats up from the depths of a well. After a while, two more girls appear in front and from behind.

One by one, they turn their faces toward us while descending further and further into the deep.

A naked young woman with waves of blonde hair like the others, rises up. With an extended hand, she floats towards the viewer, so far that she breaks through the virtual floor into ‘reality.’

An alternately angelic and dissonant music of composer David Dramm accompanies the images.

“Neither the lost love, nor the resurrection from the dead is addressed thematically. Arent Weevers has undressed the ‘anastasis’ by omitting direct references to love and death. Because of her perfect, doll-like body, the woman is anonymous amid the dark environment; she becomes the personification of desire itself. An image of a desire that transcends all dimensions.”

Words from Drs. Wouter Prins, Art historian, Curator of The Museum of Religious Art in Uden, The Netherlands.

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