Arent Weevers: Embrace Me

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Artist: © Arent Weevers, The Netherlands
Year of production: 2012
Time: 1’46”, loop
Medium: 3D stereoscopic installation with sound
Preview: www.arentweevers.com/portfolio/embrace-me/

3D monitor 55 inch, brightsign player, 3D Glasses

Digital file
Exclusive: No
Edition: 2/5  + 2 AP, one edition offered at UNPAINTED artstore
Monitor: 121,8 x 68,5 cm
Weight: 29 kg

Recommended 3D monitor and 3D Glasse (€ 2,000) are not included

Preview: www.arentweevers.com/portfolio/embrace-me/

Exhibited at (selection):

  • 3D Moving Images Festival, Great or LebuinusChurch, Deventer | The Netherlands, September 3 – 24, 2017
  • 3D Festival BEYOND
  • ZKM| Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe | Germany, September 28 – October 2, 2016
  • LOOP, Barcelona | Spain, May-June 2016
  • Unpainted Media Art Fair, Munich | Germany, February 2014

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Embrace me – a digital 3D video artwork by dutch digital artist Arent Weevers is available at UNPAINTED artstore.

A baby emerges from the deep black, floating very slowly towards you. His open attitude and outstretched arms invite you to embrace him. The baby then detaches from the void, floating for a moment as a fragile, white sculpture – timeless and silent in space.

Slowly, he disappears back into the darkness.

The whole is accompanied by a richly dissonant score, sound (David Dramm) and image evoking multiple associations.

Feelings of fragility, beauty and desolation merge for an experience of quiet intensity.

“The world of Josephine’s Well is outside us, beyond us; that of Embrace Me is deep within ourselves. Here the desire is for our own deepest being, our origin, our beginning. Which is stored somewhere within us, not in our heads, but in our hearts. While Josephine’s Well is about the desire for the other, Embrace Me addresses our desire for something in ourselves that we experience but cannot see.”

Words from Drs. Wouter Prins, Art historian, Curator of The Museum of Religious Art in Uden, The Netherlands.

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