Welcome to the UNPAINTED artstore

At UNPAINTED artstore, you can buy art conveniently and affordably online. Attractive works of art can be purchased in our online gallery for as little as 100 Euro. The artworks are unique or strictly limited editions. The work comes with certificates, some with digital blockchain certificates. UNPAINTED is a specialist in the field of Contemporary Art, especially Digital Art, also called Media Art or Electronic Art.

You can currently find 15 international artists in the artstore. All have a successful history with numerous exhibitions. We have worked well together with most of them in the past in our actions. THE UNPAINTED artists have a high diversity in nationality, working methods and gender.

By digital art we do not necessarily mean that the outcome must be a digital product; rather, it should have been created using digital technology. Artists use technology to create new works of art: prints, videos, objects, works with Virtual or Augmented Reality (AR/VR), and much more. Sometimes Mixed Media are also produced with traditional materials such as wood or glass. Some positions deal with the interface between man and machine.

Enrich your art collection with innovative artworks that transport our digital age. Order conveniently on the Internet and have your artwork sent home Corona safe. We accept a wide range of means of payment. Often you have options, such as delivery with framing. We are happy to advise you. Please contact us if you have any questions, especially concerning international delivery.


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