Manuela Hartel: BEYOND HOLY NIGHT – A Christmas Concert


It is a great pleasure to announce this wonderful cooperation with the Bavarian State Opera and Brainlab:

BEYOND HOLY NIGHT – A Christmas Concert
14. and 15. December
In the Brainlab company headquarters at the tower of the former Munich-Riem airport, young members of the international opera studio will be performing Christmas songs from their home country and highlights from the festive season, accompanied by the Orchestra Academy, which will be providing Advent instrumental music.

The whole thing will take place in a video environment specially designed by Manuela Hartel, projected with 16 beamers in the entire atrium of Brainlab, scenically concentrated on a stage set made of transparent gauze.


Video installation – Manuela Hartel

Scenic design – Catharina von Bülow

Singers – Louise FoorSeonwoo LeeAleksey KursanovThomas MolePaweł Horodyski

Pianists – Joseph BeesleyTackyoung Chung

Violin – Teresa WakolbingerDasol Yun

Viola – Elisabeth Buchner

Violoncello – Sarah Moser

Flute – Chaeyeon You

Oboe – Jeonghun Heo

Clarinet – Hanwen Liu

Bassoon – Benjámin Dolfin

Trumpet – Beili Ouyang

Trombone – Anselm Schmieg

Harp – Ysaline Lentze


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