Manuela Hartel at Neues Museum Nuremberg


On May 25 at 7 pm, the opening of the exhibition “Momentum” in Nuremberg, Germany, takes place, where the artist Manuela Hartel will show her new work.

Momentum is an opportunity to be grasped. The concept of momentum combines two meanings contained in mo[1]ment – the swift passing of time and the energy generated by a specific situation. If this energy is positive, we can speak of momentum. The exhibition asks whether today’s crisis-ridden moment also offers momentum. The answers provided by the twelve participating artists range from descriptions of the current state of affairs to outlines of escape routes. All artists have developed new works for this exhibition. The spectrum ranges from sculpture to photography, film and performance to installation.

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Manuela Hartel:
“I will be showing a new audio-visual installation called ‘God Orchestrated Happening’. It is about ‘Kairos’ or the favor of the moment as a gift: the divine spark or thought that has to leap over and cannot be sparked by itself. For the work, I was concerned with the location of sites where people seek insight Temples, churches, archaeological sites but also thrones, altars, amphitheaters, as well as mountains or other natural places. Muslin fabric prepared with bog mud symbolizes the passing of time and becomes a projection screen for flocks of birds and insects that seem to follow a higher principle in their swarming behavior. The music was composed by Stavros Gasparatos, with whom I already had the pleasure of working for ‘BELOVED!’ and ‘Waldrand Attitüde’. The result is an artificial and walkable place of introspection that stages the possibility for visitors to develop a sense for the opportune moment and to recognize the call to action.”

The artist will be present at the opening.

▷ music: Stavros Gasparatos
▷ text, melody, spoken & sung word: Manuela Hartel

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