Interview with media artist Arent Weevers in the Washington Morning


Arent Weevers, a media artist and teologist, gave an interview to Neus Flores for the Washington Morning.

NF: How did you decide to become an artist in the first place?

AW: Do you think you can decide to become an artist? I don’t know about that. With me what happens is that the art searches me out and I have to provide an answer. So, giving this answer constitutes the decision to be an artist.

The power of imagination has always been there, ever since I was very young. Building huts, constructing a model railway with my father, making photos, designing window displays. It was all second nature to me.

I became aware of my artist’s eye when an art photographer I knew said to me: ‘I wish I’d taken those photos!’ I got him to develop my film rolls and understood that I look at things slightly differently than the average person. The connection between power of imagination and being a professional artist only came much later. I had already been active semi-professionally in various places, including the Elswout estate, a condemned Roman Catholic church and the Great Church, all in the Haarlem area where I then lived. But when a huge space in the Vrijhof of the University of Twente in the city of Enschede was made available to me to show the interactive dance installation Traveling of the Heart, then I knew it and could say: I am an artist.

The full interview you can find on the website of the Washington Morning under Interview with media artist Arent Weevers .

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