35 years of STATION ROSE


This year STATION ROSE are celebrating 35 years of their practice.
On this occasion they are preparing a Performance-Lecture Tour, consisting of Performance Lectures throughout 2023: the artists will talk about their diverse artworks, about their music & art forms since 1988. Examples from 35 digital years will be made visible & audible, interspersed with live AV-attacks.
In the performance lecture, they will quickly jump between times. “It all began in 1988 in a street shop in Vienna’s 4th district, where we set up our station. We conveyed an open, cross-media concept of art in the postmodern art world. 1988 immediately becomes 2018, when we transferred our early digital work to new systems, and now have it available again. The NFT “Substation” originally a 1988 work on floppy disk, was dropped on the NFT Platform Foundation in 2021, and subsequently became a room installation in our solo show at Galerie Charim in 2021/22. The path from floppy disk to NFT, to installation, or from CD-ROM to immersive performance is exemplified here. Early works meet current works in AR and VR, and in real space. Also, new 3D objects can be found both as NFTs in the blockchain, and as elements in our VR world “Gunafaland”. The 3D NFTs will also be experienced in the augmented reality version in the space of the Lecture.” – say STATION ROSE.

What else is there in the anniversary year?
NFTs, audio releases, lectures, STReams and live AV-performances, AR & VR & more.

The first performance will be at Poolbar Festival at PRST Vienna, April 29th, mark the date!

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