Veronika Veit at Boutwell Schabrowsky Gallery

Summer of love, 2023, Stoff und Styrodur, 110 x 117 x 14 cm

The opening of the new exhibition Stretching the System by Veronika Veit will take place at Boutwell Schabrowsky Gallery on 23. March.

In her sculptures, installations and films, Veronika Veit combines different aspects to create a new reality. She questions the reliability of social but also physical systems, both in the digital and in the material world.

Control or loss of control and temporal systems are two central themes in Veit’s work, which, since the beginning of her artistic work, has been concerned with our mistaken belief that we have things under control. She questions whether we are still able to see through what we are doing and how complex processes are connected.

In this way, she creates new systems in which contradictions meet and combine to form something new that can be understood associatively rather than logically.

Veronika Veit studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1989-95, since then she has been represented with numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad, e.g. in 2016 at the Haus der Kunst Munich/Collection Goetz as well as at the Electropical Festival in Reunion/France. She was awarded the working scholarship of the Kunstfonds in 2004, the Bavarian State Prize for Fine Arts in 2007 and the Förderpreis of the City of Munich in 2016.