Nicole Cohen in the catalog of the art collection of the U.S. Embassy in The Hague


The U.S. Embassy in The Hague has published the catalog about its permanent art collection, where among others the work of Nicole Cohen can be seen.

The video installation “Time Lapse” by Nicole Cohen refers to 17th century Dutch still lifes and shows the life cycle of a bouquet of flowers over four seasons. Time Lapse makes the flowers move in seamless repetition, Cohen invites the viewer to a fantastic annual cycle of buds, blossoms and decay. The flowers bloom in the spring and wither and then slowly die before the eyes of the viewer in the fall. Winter in the video almost completely transforms the warm autumn scene into a blue and white one. Summer, on the other hand, causes the bouquet of flowers to bloom and the fruit to ripen. In this way, Cohen brings still life into the moving digital painting of the 21st century.