Claudia Robles Angel featured at Giga-Hertz-Award by ZKM

REFLEXION - In Sync/Out of Sync in Unna

Claudia Robles Angel is present with her installation REFLEXION – In Sync/Out of Sync- at the presentation of the Giga-Hertz Prize at the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (Germany), a world-renowned prize for electronic music and sound art. The award went to Daniel Teruggi.

As part of a two-day event, the installation will be exhibited at the ZKM. Come and have a look!

REFLEXION – Synchronous / Out of Sync – is a sound and light installation that invites 2x visitors (e.g. couples) to experiment together with their heart rates. By measuring both heartbeats, the goal of the installation is for participants to focus firstly on tracking the synchronization of their heartbeats, and secondly to think about the internal pulsations of their own bodies and the possibilities of harmony (synchronous) or disharmony (out of sync) between two people. Sound and light follow and reflect the different situations of synchronization / non-synchronization.

Saturday 26-11 November – 9:30 pm
Sunday 27 11 November – 7 pm

The program at a glance and further information: https://zkm.de

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