Manuela Hartel: OPEN SPACE @ digital art space Munich

Manuela Hartel: Performance "Hauch"

Manuela Hartel
OPEN SPACE @ digital art space munich

Research & Performance ‘Scenic Prayer – Ruach’

25-27 November 2022, daily 1 pm to 4 pm

Amalienstrasse 14, 80333 Munich (Germany)

Curated by Dr. Karin Wimmer

Exhibition Period:

Next weekend, daily from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., an open studio will take place at digital art space Munich, where the media artist Manuela Hartel will give an insight into the ongoing development of her research and performance project “Szenisches Gebet – Ruach”.
In May-June, the digital art space had already invited the artist as Artist in Residence to initiate the first work processes.


With the participating performers Rachael Wilson (opera), Rosalie Wanka (dance), Maren Montauk (performance) and Paola Evelina (photography), she works on performances on the measurability and visualization of inspiration, intuition and charisma and addresses the question of the divine in the process of creation. Together they search for intersections of creative work and use methods of cartographic information processing to get to the bottom of their very own mode of expression, the source of their inspiration and creative power.


For the project, the artist has developed a strategy that she calls ‘unlayering through layering’. It is about visualizing invisible layers or ‘layers’, both in the field of performance, as well as in video projections and multimedia installations. The fanning out and leafing open of the invisible, enclosed in images, movements and sound, is made possible by time-based layering of individual, tangible moments. During the Open Studio, this technique will be applied to the artistic focal points of dance, opera, performance, photography – the disciplines of the participating artists.


Visitors can follow the open working process, ask questions and are invited to exchange ideas with the artists on the topic of inspiration. The conversations can be recorded by appointment and serve as a basis for the further development of the “Scenic Prayer”. For relevant questions concerning the project, visitors from the circle of artists are invited to interviews.


The project is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts and BBK Bayern Verbindungslinien. With the support of the Munich Cultural Department, digital art space, the Curt Wills Foundation and the XR Hub Bavaria.



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