Claudia Robles Angel at KI Biennale Essen (Germany)


UNPAINTED artist Claudia Robles Angel performs at the KI Biennale in Essen (Ruhr area).

Her audiovisual composition TRAVELOG #1 – Nuit Bleue – will be presented at the opening ceremony of the KI Biennale Essen, the first interdisciplinary festival on artificial intelligence in culture, society, science and business.

At 19:45 TRAVELOG #1 shows you – the first logbook of the TRAVELOG series: a collection of journeys, of continuous journeys from reality to the imaginary. This first journey invites us to immerse ourselves in the transparency of a fragile matter that gradually dissolves, revealing landscapes, indefinite spaces, and cities soaked in the deep blue of the night. Aircraft are built and controlled using AI methods, the music and imagery in Claudia Robles’ composition is generated in the computer by sophisticated algorithms.

Further information on the opening ceremony of the KI Biennale Essen

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New publication

New article (together with Andreas Gernemann-Paulsen and Uwe Seifert) about two of Claudia’s installations: ”Web-Mindscape” and ”REFLEXION – In Sync/Out of Sync -”: Biofeedback and Physical Computing in Interactive New Media Art'” in this fabulous new book: “ArtsIT, Interactivity and Game Creation /Creative Heritage. Neue Perspektiven aus Medienkunst und KünstlicheEr Intelligenz”, edited by Matthias Wölfel, Johannes Bernhardt and Sonja Thiel. You can order an eBook copy via this link.

Interview as podcast

New podcast with Claudia’s work at ARTKA Plataforma de Música Electrónica y Creatividad Digital (in Spanish)

‘Perspectivas Sonoras’
Conversaciones con Artistas
Interview with Carlos Beltrán.

Accessible on Spotify.

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