UNPAINTED stands by Ukraine. The team of our platform advocates the peaceful coexistence of peoples. We condemn Russia’s war of aggression against an innocent population. In addition to the struggle for territorial gains on the ground, this is about the competition of two social models worldwide, of authoritarian systems against democracy, freedom and an open society We see art as a means of free expression and international understanding, as an antithesis to violence and oppression. Many Ukrainian creatives and artists now have to defend their country as soldiers. Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine who have to fear for their lives, their loved ones, their belongings and their freedom, as well as with the refugees who have lost their homes. We call on the Russian leadership around Vladimir Putin to put an immediate end to the attack on UKRAINE.

How you can help:

Meta History Museum of War

Set up by the Ukrainian Ministery of of Digital Transformation, Meta History of War Museum is a chronology of events of Ukrainian history of modern times, set in stone as NFTs. The NFTs are facts accompanied by personal reflections. The formula of each NFT is clear and simple: each token is a real news piece from an official source and an illustration from artists, both Ukrainian and international. The mission is to preserve the memory of the real events of that time, to spread truthful information among the digital community in the world and to collect donations for the support of Ukraine. You can buy NFTs to support Ukraine in its struggle for freedom. 100% of funds from the sale will go directly to the official crypto-accounts of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine to support army and civilians.

Klub NFT Drop for UKRAINE

Klub members, comprised of talented interdisciplinary artists, are from all corners of the globe. They have designed a group of impactful NFTs, paying homage to the proud nature of Ukrainians’ culture and recent struggle.

These will be sold to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières‘ humanitarian response within Ukraine and its neighbors.

These unique NFT pieces will be auctioned on PartyBid and OpenSea. Buy a piece of history (as part of a group or as an individual) while supporting Ukrainians in need.

At 5:00 pm, Tuesday the 12th of March, join the live Drop Party and Artist talk by Klub. Don’t forget to set a reminder by clicking the link.