Gift an artwork for Christmas with Digital Art from UNPAINTED


Soon it’s Christmas again. How about art as a gift this year, which is also durable and valuable. Order an artwork by UNPAINTED as a Christmas gift. We will make some suggestions in the next few days. Of course, each of the works of art from the UNPAINTED portfolio is suitable as a gift. It doesn’t have to be costly. UnpaiNTED’s artworks start from 80 euros. You have the choice between physical and purely digital works, between prints, videos or sculptures. Or can it be a purely digital work that can be downloaded shortly before the festival? We will be happy to advise you.

Here are some suggestions for art as a gift:


Susanne Rottenbacher, Light under control, sculpture


Barbara Herold, Aphrodite, Digital wallpaper for mobile phone, notebook, PC


Claudia Robles Angel, Leihken, Animated GIF

The UNPAINTED team wishes you a Merry Christmas!