VIDEODOX Biennial featuring Veronika Veit


On 12.10.2021 the VIDEODOX Biennale was opened, a biennial for video art from Bavaria. UNPAINTED artist Veronika Veit will be there, who is showing her new film Changing Times as a premiere here.

For the fourth time, VIDEODOX – Biennale for Video Art from Bavaria invites you to the large video art exhibition in the historic rooms of the GALERIE DER KÜNSTLER*INNEN.

20 positions by artists from Bavaria were selected for the VIDEODOX Award, which stage the moving image as a means of expression of artistic creation.
The diversity of video art is reflected in one- or multi-channel works, installations, an interactive work as well as a work based on a performance that once again completely re-perspectives the cinematic space.

The VIDEODOX Sponsorship Award, endowed with 1000 euros, is donated by Peider Defilla (B.O.A. Videofilmkunst).
Jury: Felix Burger, Patricia Drück, Susanne Touw

Participating artists: Elena Álvarez Lutz / Dominik Bais / Ulu Braun / Georg Gaigl / Dominik Geis / Patricija Gilyte / Max Hattler / Melina Hennicker, Michael Schmidt & Andreas Woller / Felix Klee / Patricia Lincke / Sara Mayoral Jiménez / Michael Mönnich / Christoph Nicolaus / Jovana Reisinger / Fabio Thieme / Patrik Thomas / Torres / Camille Tricaud & Franziska Unger / Paul Valentin / Veronika Veit

Board of Trustees: Dunja Bialas, Matthias von Tesmar, Yvonne Leinfelder, Nora Moschüring, Stephan Vorbrugg

Galerie der Künstler
Maximilianstrasse 42
Munich 80538

Saturday, 16.10.2021 /
11 am Performance by Sara Mayoral Jiménez
3 pm Reading by Jovana Reisinger from her novel “Spitzenreiterinnen”
5 pm Guided tours

Sunday, 17.10.2021 /
2 pm Talk with “REVÜ – Flyer for Cinephilia”
4 p.m. Award ceremony

Wed, Fri – Sun: 11 am – 6 pm
Thu: 1 pm – 8 pm
Admission: 3 € / red. €1.50

Discover the works of Veronika Veit in the UNPAINTED artstore, which you can purchase online.

Visit the section of Veronika Veit in the UNPAINTED artstore

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