Haus am Waldsee Berlin shows Art Videos by Veronika Veit

Veronika Veit | Die Faust (The fist) 08 | Still

UNPAINTED artist Veronika Veit shows various video works at the Museum Haus am Waldsee in Berlin-Dahlem. The work “Die Faust”, also shown there, can be purchased in the UNPAINTED artstore as a video or in the form of several stills.

From today, 24.06., Veronika’s film: Dirt as a pet from 2020 can be seen in the video program of the Haus am Waldsee: The video clip “Dirt as a pet” is about a young couple who have divided their household duties. He does the laundry, she cleans. Both feel at a disadvantage and no longer accept their role clichés as a woman and a man…

A total of four films will be shown from 09.06. to 07.07.2021.

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