Waldrand Attitude with Manuela Hartel in Nantesbuch available as video documentation

Waldrand Attitüde Nantesbusch with Manuela Hartel - Video Dokumentation Photo: Jochen Stüber

The light and sound performance Waldrand Attitüde with Manuela Hartel, curated by art historian Jörg Garbrecht and made possible by the Stiftung Kunst & Natur Nantesbuch, was performed live in the Tölzer Land in Bad Heilbrunn (Upper Bavaria) in September last year. On 28th, 29th and 30th May 2021 you can see the Waldrand Attitüde again via online stream. During these three days, the video documentation will be available at any time – from 7pm on Friday evening to midnight on Sunday evening. At 8 p Stavros Gasparatos and Manuela Hartel the interested audience will have a Live conference via zoom-link question and answer – a unique opportunity for an artist’s talk. The live text chat is active throughout.

The nightly performance in the Nantesbucher Au illuminated the symbiotic proximity of trees, humans and animals on the edge of the forest at over 160 m of forest. In a bright lye dress, Manuela Hartel sheds light on the darkness of the border area of the forest and hallway. Every now and then she breaks through the wall of thicket, triggers light impulses and sound elements and sets shrubs and trees as a natural stage design. What seems so self-evident in daylight becomes alien, beguiling and haunting in the magic of darkness.

Manuela Hartel with the Greek musician and composer Stavros Gasparatos combines a particularly symbiotic collaboration between video art and sound. His musical compositions are recorded as a headphone concert. The experience of silence and sound is determined by each guest himself. In a procession-like sound hike, the performer leads the visitor along the edge of the forest and back to the Long House in Nantesbuch.

online premiere – limited stream

by Manuela Hartel – Music: Stavros Gasparatos
sponsored by the Stiftung Kunst & Natur Nantesbuch, Bad Heilbrunn

Performance – Light Installation – Headphone Concert – Sound Walk

Streaming from May 28, 2021 🕖 7 p.m. to May 30, 2021 🕖 midnight
🎟 tickets from May 18 at: https://www.spectyou.com/de/video/waldrand-attituede
💰 The ticket price is freely selectable.

🎥 The recordings took place during the live performance on September 10, 2020 on the grounds of the Stiftung Kunst & Natur Nantesbuch in Bad Heilbrunn.

👉 cast:
Idea & Concept – Manuela Hartel
Live Performance, Vocals, Soundwalk Lyrics – Manuela Hartel
Music, live electronics, Copt Hörerkonzert – Stavros Gasparatos
Light installation – Manuela Hartel, Sebastian Garreis (CN-mediatec)
Field Recording – Manuela Hartel
Camera – Christian Kuenstler
Editing & Post-Production – Manuela Hartel
Costume – Manuela Hartel, Sarah Silbermann
Technical Support – CN-mediatec

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