STATION ROSE extend their Digital Archive

STATION ROSE: Digital Archive

Vienna – On March 11, 2021, the artist duo Elisa Rose and Gary Danner – known as STATION ROSE – re-launched their extensively expanded Digital Archive. At the same time, her new album “Digital Archive, Vol.1” is released worldwide. On 11.3.1988 – 33 years ago – STATION ROSE opened in Vienna. The “pioneers of digital culture” (FAZ) used the Corona crisis in 2020 as an opportunity to re-en-found their Digital Archive, which they started in 2008.

While the first 20 Digital Years were in focus at the presentation at the MAK, the current radius of the work of the media artist & composer from 1988 to 2021 was extended. The result is an opulent digital world – tangible, visible & audible. 18 tracks from a total of more than 200 compositions from the archive will be published on the album “Digital Archive, Vol. 1”, on more than 30 platforms such as Spotify, Amazon music or Apple Music.

The Digital Archive is a journey, an adventure, where the “entry” can be either a year, a theme, music or an art genre of digital art up to augmented & virtual reality. This is processual performative audio-visual art. Get on your way. Choose either a round trip, a short trip, or just one area. Early net art, immersive performances, previous versions of social media, exhibitions & installations, lectures, texts, radio and TV broadcasts, videos and music can be explored, as well as, of course, works of art offered in online artstores such as UNPAINTED.

The so-called “Social Distancing” , in which we are all now located, was explored by the artists as early as the 1990s, and in their Frankfurt studio they experienced it in self-experiments, the “Digital Cocooning” . In 2017, they also reactivated “STReaming” in the Vienna studio which they had launched in Berlin in 1999. All this is now available and can be controlled directly with the search function.

Storytelling & Digital Art as a database: In times like these, when travel takes place elsewhere, and the digital space gives itself space, the hysterical analogue life has been stopped, is the Digital Archive the Place to Be. When the late capitalist old system tilts, and analog travel tends to mutate into an obstacle course with a risk of contagion, surfing through the years & places, space & time is a very relaxed undertaking – feather-light, carefree and safe.

The album “Digital Archive, Vol.1” is released simultaneously on “Gunafa”, the label of STATION ROSE. The selection of 18 tracks was made from more than 200 compositions, the period takes place between 1990 and 2021.

The Digital Archive was programmed & produced by the artists themselves.

Supported by City of Linz & jweiland.net

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