Susanne Rottenbacher exhibits with “Im Schein der Sterne” at Museum Starnberger See

Museum Starnberger See, Neubau

The exhibition

People have been watching the night sky for millennia. Early on, perhaps from the beginning, they recognized images in the stars that reflected their own world of life. Hunter cultures described animals in the migratory stars. Early empires saw heavenly rulers and ministers in them. Priests and philosophers explained from them the construction of heaven and earth.
Artists created mythical figures and emblems of human destiny from the stars.

The Stars

The exhibition at the Museum Starnberger See tells stories of stargazing from the early days to the present day. The stars combine regional past and present with distant cultures. The bedroom of King Ludwig II. At the centre of the historical part of the exhibition is the bedroom of the Bavarian kings at Hohenschwangau Castle. King Ludwig II had an artificial starry sky installed in this room to see the stars glow even during the day. After his death, the construction was removed. For the exhibition, Ludwig’s stars shine again – in a reconstruction in the Museum Starnberger See.


Artists are invited for the contemporary part of the exhibition, in whose works the stars appear from today’s point of view. The works of art stand in a tradition of the artistic interpretation of the celestial space, which is characterized by the field of tension between astonishment, knowledge and invention; between maintaining order and dizzying dynamics; between science and the supernatural.

Participating artists

Björn Dahlem, Mischa Kuball, Katarína Poliačiková, Johanna Reich, Susanne Rottenbacher, Michael Sailstorfer, Brigitte Waldach, Johannes Wohnseifer.

The exhibition’s opening is planned for April 25th.

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