The Next American President Visionboards by Gretchen Andrew are available until Nov. 3rd

Gretchen Andrew: The Next American President Visionboards

UNPAINTED is pleased to announce the collaboration with the American artist Gretchen Andrew.

From now until the US presidential election on November 3, 2020, 5 unique works by Gretchen Andrew from her project: The Next American President are available for purchase exclusively on UNPAINTED.

Search Google for “The Next American President” and you won’t get either of the main candidates, but a series of Gretchen Andrews visionboards, a selection of which is available exclusively at UNPAINTED artstore. Using feminine and trivialized materials, Gretchen Andrew creates “visionboards” to manifest a dream against the male-dominated worlds of AI, programming, and political control in the digital age. By manipulating the AI that underlies the Internet search algorithms, Gretchen places her own dream boards at the top of online search results, rewriting existing representations of reality with her own vision of the future.

The artist on her works

When asked about the project, Gretchen provided the following text, which describes both her practice and the way in which these works deal with artificial intelligence:

“Artificial intelligence must be trained, and man must decide how to form it.

For example, if artificial intelligence were to try to predict what the next American president will look like, it would look at all previous American presidents and more or less make up the average.

  • Barack Obama’s eyes
  • Donald Trump’s “hair”
  • Franklin Roosevelt’s lips
  • George Washington’s nose

Artificial intelligence is inherently backward-looking. Artificial intelligence uses the past to predict the future. These works, which I call vision boards, visualize my hopes and dreams for the future, whether the Next is American President, my artworks on the cover of the Artforum, my recording at Art Basel Miami Beach or how women are represented online. And by secretly inserting my vision boards, my hopes, and my dreams for the future into the “Internet classrooms,” I reverse the direction of artificial intelligence. My work reverses direction by making it a forward-dreaming tool of possibility.”

More Info at gretchenandrew.com