UNPAINTED participates at MUTEK Montreal

Mutek Forum Montréal 2020

UNPAINTED is pleased to announce its virtual participation in MUTEK Montréal from 8 to 11 September 2020.


Founded in 2000, MUTEK is dedicated to the presentation of live electronic music and real-time audiovisual performance, making it one of the rare outlets in North America for such innovations. After 20 years, the festival’s future mandate has matured – and while the promise has caught up with the present in many ways – its commitment to the ongoing mutations and variations of contemporary digital creativity remains, with his eyes and ears still fixated on what comes next.



The festival now spans 6 days and nights – and integrates the professional forum into the architecture of the week to enrich conversations and encounters with current technologically driven practices and philosophies. Since its foundation, integrated into a global cycle, creating an international rendezvous for artists and audiences, the festival thrives on creating a context for discovery and exchange. MutEK, which is true to its values of inclusion and accessibility, is committed to a fairer and more representative programming of all diversity, in particular through the Amplify initiative.

Es vergrößert Montréal auch, nicht nur als seine urbane Kulisse, sondern als Quelle so viel seiner schöpferischen Seele; das Lokale wird immer im Dialog mit außergewöhnlichen Künstlern aus der ganzen Welt erhöht.

Over the years, MUTEK has built a unique model that has proven to be seductively exportable. Tentacles span 4 continents up to 6 other cities, with each satellite adapting the festival’s values to inspire new ways to address the richness of electronic and digital art.

UNPAINTED shows a selection of artists from the portfolio on its profile page. In particular, you can watch a 1-hour video with collected positions.