Manuela Hartel with high artistic activity

Manuela Hartel Nantesbusch

Manuela Hartel, the digital performance artist from Munich, with whom UNPAINTED has a long-standing collaboration, stands out with several artistic appearances in the summer and autumn of 2020.

On 10 September, she performs a light and sound performance entitled Waldrand Attitüde in Nantesbuch near Bad Heilbrunn (Upper Bavaria).

A nightly performance in the Nantesbucher Au illuminates the symbiotic proximity of trees, humans and animals on the edge of the forest at over 160 m of forest. In a bright lye dress, Manuela Hartel brings light into the darkness of the border area of the forest and hallway.

Manuela Hartel combines a particularly symbiotic collaboration between video art and sound with the Greek musician and composer Stavros Gasparatos. His musical compositions are recorded as a headphone concert.

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For the stage of the Altonaer Theater (Hamburg), Manuela Hartel makes a video for the production “The Journey of the Lost” by Daniel Kehlmann. The premiere is on October 18.

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Manuela Hartel’s last exhibition was in June at Villa Mussinan in Starnberg. Here is a video on Manuela’s page and on YouTube.

Visit Manuela Hartel’s section at UNPAINTED artstore.