“Desire … “, video works at DG Kunstraum in Munich from Thu, June 18th through Thu, Aug 6th

Birthe Blauth: Trapped

From 18 June to 6 August 2020, the exhibition “Desire…” with video works and installation moments takes place at DG Kunstraum in Finkenstr. 4 in Munich.

Participating Artists: Birthe Blauth, Frank Böller, Judith Egger, Leonie Felle, Sebastian Stumpf, Boris Maximowitz, Heike Mutter + Ulrich Genth and Susanne Wagner. UNPAINTED artist Birthe Blauth is showing the video work “Trapped”  (2011, 27:07 m). During the day it runs in the gallery on a monitor, in the dark it can be watched all night from the street as a large rear projection in the shop window. It is best to take a folding chair with you on a warm summer night – take a drink and get comfortable on the sidewalk 🙂

Curated by Benita Meissner und Ulrich Schaefert.

Opening hours: Tue to Fri 12-6 pm, Thu mostly until 8 pm.