UNPAINTED appears in Turkish daily Hürriyet

Hürriyet Artikel über UNPAINTED, 03. April 2020

The major Turkish daily Hürriyet published an article on UNPANTED. The interview with the founders Benedict Rodenstock and Irmin Rodenstock Beck dealt with the following questions: How did UNPAINTED come about? What is the general resume as well as the economic result of the fairs held? What about the genre of digital art? What is UNPAINTED doing to implement its mission?

The founders explained the origin of the company as a trade fair company, explaining the further development into a platform with events and online artstores. On the importance of digital art, they explained that it is still a niche in the art market, but that it is gaining in importance. In the course of the digitalization of the economy and society, digital aspects should also become more popular in the arts. UNPAINTED is constantly being developed.