UNPAINTED uses blockchain technology to certify works of art

Blockchain visual; source: https://www.it-production.com/

Munich, 07 February 2020 – UNPAINTED, the platform for art in the digital age, presents crypto certificates, an innovative solution for the certification of works of art based on the blockchain technology. The technical platform was created using partner bernstein.io.

For some time now, there have been considerations in the art world on how to authenticate digital artworks in particular, how collectors can protect their property, and how digital intellectual property in the arts can be protected from unauthorized replication. UNPAINTED has also been looking for a suitable solution.

The UNPAINTED crypto certificate for works of art now offers all this. On a central platform on the Internet you can view all relevant data of a work of art. Every change of ownership is logged, creating a complete, non-corruptible history of the artwork. Uncertified copies can be easily identified. The platform is protected by strong encryption. Gradually, all works of art that are listed in the UNPAINTED artstore will be equipped with the digital certificate.