UNPAINTED Show @ Faust-Festival Munich, February -March 2018

Installation Barbara Herold at Heart Club München, Feb-March 2018

On the occasion of the Faust Festival Munich 2018, UNPAINTED | Art in the Digital Age as well as the art initiative Max 33 presented artistic positions by Barbara Herold and Birthe Blauth on the subject of Faust – in the Heart House from 23 February to 03 March 2018 under the title “Art is long – and short is our life”.

The art initiative “Max 33” unites a pop-up gallery, a meeting place and start-up aid for young art students and academy graduates.

“UNPAINTED – art in the digital age –” is a platform that supports contemporary artists with and without gallery connections, invites curators and is dedicated to the latest developments in digital art.

The exhibition at the Hearthouse included an installation by Barbara Herold and works by Birthe Blauth including a performance in the public space.

The opening of both exhibitions took place on Friday, February 23, 2018 in the Social Room of the Hearthouse (by invitation). The visitors were welcomed with a performance by Birthe Blauth in the public space in the form of a demonstration.

Another event in the course of the Faust Festival took place on the evening of March 1st: A guided tour by the curators Peter Hansen (Max 33) and Irmin Rodenstock Beck (UNPAINTED) together with the exhibiting artists.

On Saturday, 03/03/2018, public guided tours in small groups were offered on occasion of the finissage.

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At the beginning was the meaning (Faust) from Barbara Herold on Vimeo.



The exhibition for the Munich Faust Festival 2018 in the Munich Hearthouse with Birthe Blauth and Barbara Herold in February 2018 was worth an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ).

Junge Kunst von Max 33 und “Unpainted” im Hearthouse by Evelyn Vogel