STATION ROSE: destroyed5c9039f0-db77


Title: destroyed5c9039f0-db77

Medium: Photo print on Alu-Dibond, augmented reality

Size: 120×180 cm

Year: 2020


The work is digitally certified.

Available exclusively online at UNPAINTED.

AR App by Artivive

Delivery time: Two weeks

The size of the C-Print on Alu-Dibond of 180x120cm is the re-materialized counterpart to the immersive AV light rooms that we set up during performances. The gloss of the surface of the C-prints corresponds to projections and monitors.

The picture “Destroyed5c9039f0-db77” by STATION ROSE was made during Lockdown 2 in November 2020 in their studio in Vienna. On the STR sofa, on which the first STReams 2020 also took place from March, I regularly paint new pictures on the iPad with a pen, often left-handed. As a left-hander, I had to neglect this side in school, I rarely used it in tennis & ball games. The left hand is now used again on the iPad.

This painted picture “Destroyed5c9039f0-db77” is animated by me in various apps, also destroyed, & spun on in the movement, in order to finally merge with the sound in augmented reality with the real space & into another dimension to expand. GD’s music was created at the same time in the same place.

Additional information

Dimensions180 × 120 cm