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UNPAINTED is the platform for digital art – online and offline. Online, you find information about the medium of Digital art. We also offer transactions of bespoke digital artworks through our artstore. Offline, we do artfairs and exhibitions in a variety of international locations. UNPAINTED aims at fostering the dissemination and acclaim of digital art forms. UNPAINTED was founded in 2013 by art lovers in Munich.

“Digital Art” is also known as Media Art or Electronic Art. The possibilities for expression with new digital technologies are new and unlimited. The inclined art lover will experience new dimensions. Today’s rapidly changing, digital, world is being interpreted in a contemporary way – both in a technological sense and as far as the content is concerned. With the Blockchain-based NFT (non-fungible token)  technology, a new hype in Contemporary Art has set off, culminating so far with the 68m sale of an artwork by Beeple at Christie’s in March 2021.

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Since 2019, you can buy bespoke artworks by selected international digital artists in the UNPAINTED artstore. The purchases take place conveniently and affordably online – video downloads, prints, augmented and virtual reality, objects, and much more. You can also filter for specific attributes, e.g. augmented art or unique pieces.


The UNPAINTED App is available as of November 2020. Download it today and experience UNPAINTED in your palm (iOS only).

What is Digital Art?

Software eats the world – more and more fields in the economy and society are being covered by digitalization. Digital technologies have also made their way into art: since the 1960s, artists have been creating new forms of expression using the ever-evolving digital tools. Sometimes the phenomenon of the digital society itself is also the subject of artistic creation. Production is partly or completely digital.

Nowadays, a work of art can be something virtual on the Worldwide Web or a physically real sculpture developed on the computer. These works of art require a changed and expanded perception of art on the part of the public. In the digital age, curators and collectors need to use new criteria in the assessment of art or innovative ways of presenting.

“Art” in the classical sense consists of painting and sculpture. Photo art and video art have gradually established themselves as art genres. The market for digital art is still in development. UNPAINTED sees its mission as communicating this genre internationally to an interested audience and pursues a strict focus on digital art.


Benedict Rodenstock

Co-Founder & CEO
Benedict Rodenstock


Co-Founder & Architect
Irmin Rodenstock Beck

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Our target group are art lovers who are open to modern forms of representation. These persons tend to belong to an above-average educated and high-income population.