UNPAINTED lab 3.0 Artist Lumenman (Munich)

Light is paint – night is canvas 

The light painting booth is an experimental setup for an audience light painting.
Visitors can experiment with a broad spectrum of light painting tools. They are all self made and the centerpiece of the art form: flashlights, led sticks, acrylic blades, etc.
I will assist them to have a workshop feeling and nice results.
The visual recording takes place in a special camera + software to display instant results on a screen while people are painting in space. The results can be send by email or download if you wish to.

Sample results I made myself experimenting with the setup. Series: „lightplanets“

Don’t miss the UNPAINTED workshop by Lumenman on Friday, Feb 19, 06:30pm, during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016, @MixedMunichArts, Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8a, 80333 Munich.
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