UNPAINTED lab 3.0 artists INT RA (Switzerland)


INT RA from Switzerland is a collective founded by Nora Gailer, Simon Gwinner and Lorena Strohner:

We explore and encourage fields of communication and perception between technology, humans and social structures. Our background lies in media art, graphic- and interaction design. INT RA provokes boundaries in communication, build new spaces for encountering and dissolves constraints between imagination and experience.

BOKS — Exploring perception and communication in surreal reality BOKS is an interactive installation, which researches the perception and communication between two surreal rooms. Two rooms build the experimental area. Two persons, each in one room at the time, can move and communicate on different ways with the other person. BOKS shows opportunities in communication between humans and asks for new perception within this topic.

INT RA’s work „BOKS“ will be on display during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016, @MixedMunichArts, Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8a, 80333 Munich.
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Learn more on www.int-ra.com