UNPAINTED lab 3.0 artist ffmpe

Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam I: Monobloc by ffmpe (Henrik Mauler) shows a metastable cloud of floating chairs. Invisible forces clump the chairs together and pull them apart like jetsam on a shore. The chairs themselves represent a finely tuned mix of famous 20th century design and the Monobloc plastic garden chair as a sign for unassuming mass manufacturing. The camera is bound to chairs floating in the swarm. A weightless, merely visual tree fragment appears from time to time to signify a switch between dynamic chair-cameras. Occasional screams of a group of people underscore an uncanny, disoriented feeling.
4k UHD / 2015 / 6’45

Henrik Mauler’s works ‘Flotsam & Jetsam I: Monobloc’ was on display during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016
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UNPAINTED lab 3.0 artist Arent Weevers (Hengelo)

Ecce Homo

The title ‘Ecce Homo’ (‘Behold the Man’) refers to the biblical story John.
In this 3D holographic video installation the passage from the Passion of Jesus is given a contemporary touch. Without the crown of thorns and the purple robe, not an innocent young man but a naked little boy in all his pain and sorrow is shown to the ‘world’, floating upside down.

Weevers’ media art is a search for strength in vulnerability.

Video preview of ‘Ecce Homo’
Music by David Dramm

3D holographic video installation ‘Ecce Homo’
Arent Weevers, 2015, NL, 2’41”

Arent Weevers’ video installation “Ecce Homo” will be on display during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016, @MixedMunichArts, Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8a, 80333 Munich.
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UNPAINTED lab 3.0 artist Felix Hörhager (Munich)


The creation of Love Thoughts by Felix Hörhager was inspired by the American video artist Matthew Barney and the Chinese artist ai Wei Wei as well by the literature of the Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. The moment between worlds after seeing a film or after reading a book and the connection with one’s own reality, an overlay of the worlds, is the inspiration for this video work with describes the element Fire and the compass point East. The fire of love is described in filmic painting. Breaking away from accustomed thoughts opens new ways which are captured by the medium of the film and substitution takes place.

Felix Hörhager’s work “Liebesgedanken” will be on display during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016, @MixedMunichArts, Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8a, 80333 Munich.
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