Thank you to those who joined us at UNPAINTED lab 3.0 in Munich in 2016 and helped to shape this unforgettable experience. The enduring support of the City of Munich, inclusive the patronage by Dr. Ludwig Spaenle and Josef Schmid as well as of our exhibiting artists made this year’s edition a resounding success.
Nearly 4,000 guests attended the Kesselhalle of MMA, near the Museum District of Munich, where they could discover 40 international artists presented their positions to digital art.

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We extend our deepest appreciation for your continued support of UNPAINTED and we look very much forward to welcoming you in 2017 with news from the digital art world.

18.-21. Februar 2016

curated by Nate Hitchcock & Annette Doms


American Artist (NY), Andrea McGinty (NY), Aram Bartholl (Berlin), Arent Weevers (Hengelo), Arthur Elsenaar, Betty Mü (Munich), Birthe Blauth (Munich), Ekin Onat (Istanbul), Felix Hörhager (Munich), Florian Freier (Munich / Barcelona)), Giovanna Olmos (NY), Giulia Bowinkel & Friedemann Banz (Düsseldorf), Gretta Louw (Munich), Holger Lippmann (Berlin), Jennifer Mehigan (Clonakilty), INT RA (Schweiz), Leonie Link (Offenbach), Lumenman (Munich), Maja Kalogera (Zagreb), Manuel Rossner (Ittlingen), Martin Reiche (Berlin), Mathis Nitschke (Munich), Michael Mandiberg (NY), Miltos Manetas (London), Nora Renaud, Natalie Bewernitz / Marek Goldowski (Cologne), Niko Abramamidis &NE (Munich), Ole Fach (Berlin), Pia Myrvold (Paris), Ricardo Morales-Hernandez (Puerto Rico) STATION ROSE (Wien), Stefan Saalfeld (Munich), Susanne Rottenbacher (Berlin), Tatjana Tanja Vujinovic Kusej (Ljubljana), Theodore Darst (NY), VT Salon (Taiwan), ffmpe (Berlin)