Artists gauge technical innovations, critically assess the range of digital media and find new uses for the modern means of communication and data streams which define everyday-life. Media Art is the art of today, the art that people will remember in the future. (Annette Doms, Director of UNPAINTED media art fair)

Even if digital art is still in its infancy, it flourishes while essentially remaining unevaluated and the public approaches it with a degree of curiosity. New art forms in the immaterial digital domain demand a general rethink in terms of their conservation, presentation and acquisition. For collectors, the result is that collector criteria that have until now been valid, require a rethink. Subjects such as longevity, authenticity and value retention are no longer legitimate for many works. The new art demands a general re-evaluation with a view to the conservation and presentation of art.
We support galleries, that take to be the most important role in the artistic development of contemporary artists. We invite leading curators to jointly develop a high quality program. We give with Lab 3.0 a platform for artists without gallery connection and put a lot of work in education.