@UNPAINTED 2014, installation by Miguel Chevalier, supported by Hermès

UNPAINTED 2014, Miguel Chevalier supported by Hermès


©UNPAINTED 2014, Chicks on Speed supported by Villa Stuck Munich


The UNPAINTED media art fair is a unique art fair and platform for digital art. It was first held in 2014 by the co-founders Dr. Annette Doms, Benedict Rodenstock & Irmin Beck Rodenstock and attracted more than 60 international participants to the Bavarian capital. The audience met the digital art with a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty. But the broad educational program cleared up many questions and most of the participants went home with new ideas and sales results.

2016 UNPAINTED returns newly energized. Prepare to be amazed by digital art again – and a place which balances education and entertainment, talks and performances, commercial interest and experimental projects.



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