UNPAINTED lab 3.0 Artist American Artist (New York)

A Refusal

American Artist was born in 1989 in Los Angeles, California. He lives and works in New York, New York.

For UNPAINTED lab 3.0 American Artist will exhibit works from a project titled „A Refusal“. It is a post-Internet project that examines the way our labor, time, identities, and affections are exploited by social media networks. The artworks consider methods by which one can receive the benefits of networked society while displacing the consequences of social media refusal onto the network itself. The starting point of the work is an Internet-based performance that started in September 2015. Images that the artists posts online are replaced with voided images and the caption text is blacked out. The unusual looking posts serve as an intervention in the feeds of his followers.

American Artist’s work „A Refusal“ will be on display during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016, @MixedMunichArts, Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8a, 80333 Munich.
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Learn more on americanartist.us

UNPAINTED lab 3.0 artist Betty Mü (Munich)

Polar Circles


Between the contrasts of daily dualisms, human perception abides. „Polar Circles“ presents a video contemplation of time, perception and contrast. A triptych of three suspended lenticular circles invites a sacral contemplation of the embedded cycles of human perception. Time and length are juxtaposed with tempo and light. The sharp lenticular design signifying the dual contrasts, the black and white of daily human perception, creates a visual, visceral tension, whereas the sacral setting and contrasting visual tempo evokes yet another tension, in which the viewer is torn between the polar opposites of the temporal cycles presented.

Enticing opposites and paradox composites are the mirror hall of life. As the viewer explores the installation setting, the polar antagonisms become one, a circle. Each circle serves as a lens, focusing on the three main complementary aspects of existence:

Pure color – the light which by means of a fundamental manipulation is the medium of all possible perception.

Pure time – the celestial cycles of revolving time, neither linear nor repetative.

Pure contrast – the dualisms that shape human cognition within the realms of perception and time.

The entire installation was developed for and premiered at UNPAINTED lab 3.0  2016.

Betty Mu’s work „Polar Circles“ will be on display during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016, @MixedMunichArts, Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8a, 80333 Munich.
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Learn more on www.bettymu.com