UNPAINTED lab 3.0 artist Ekin Onat


Ekin Onat was born in 1976 in Istanbul and had her education in classical ballet. She than started working in fine arts in 2006, focusing early on conceptual art and installations, which she deemed most fit to allow her working with a vast range of different materials and giving her unrestricted possibilities of expression.
Being politically actively involved her work investigates the Turkish socio-political frame conditions that are being dictated by a conservative and clerical mindset of the political elite that friction with contemporary Turkish society. She analyzes the reverberations of this rift on society as a whole and sheds light on the suffocating consequences for individuals that are either crushed or singled out due to their believes, gender or race.
She lives and works in Istanbul and Berlin.

‘Missio Sanguinis’ is a social experiment based on the collection, analysis and visualization of data extracted from the social network Twitter in order to reveal the influences of both external social structures and subjective experience of the individual. The investigation will try to ultimately uncover the instinctive narrative of a cross-section of the Turkish social fabric with its dictated power structure.

As people exchange ideas in Twitter through following, replying, retweeting,
commenting, tagging, reviewing etc. they produce clusters of connections.
The Clauset-Newmann-Moore clustering algorithm will be applied to extract and analyze insights into the community structure, size and the key positions within in
order to reveal large-scale ideological patterns inside this network.

Ekin Onat’s work ‘Missio Sanguinis’ was on display during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016
Learn more on www.ekinonat.com