UNPAINTED lab 3.0 artist Ole Fach (Berlin)


The algorithm decomposes the original Kazimir Malevich painting into its swatches. Each single swatch gets uploaded to Google’s Search By Image to look out for similar objects. These images are positioned at the same place and with the same size as the original swatches to create a reinterpretation of the original Malevich painting.

Title: Googlematism
Medium: 4 – 6 x Alu Dibond Print
Format: 4 – 6 x 80 cm x 60  cm
Edition: unique pieces

Ole Fach (born 1980 in Bremen) is an architect and conceptual artist investigating the networking of architecture, society and new media. His projects document and reflect on cultural change in order to give an insight into the world of tomorrow. Fach’s art practice includes websites, performances, installations, screenings and GIFs. His work has been exhibited in Berlin, Olomouc, Geneva, New York and London.


Ole Fach’s work „Googlematism“ will be on display during UNPAINTED lab 3.0, 18.-21. Feb 2016, @MixedMunichArts, Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8a, 80333 Munich.
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